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The Norwegian Government has appointed an expert group for children in poor families. The group will assess which policies and interventions that are most effective, and advise on how to prioritise public resources in order to improve the opportunities and outcomes of children growing up in poor families, and after they reach adulthood.

The group will also recommend which policies that should be prioritised to reduce the number and share of children growing up in low-income families, and advise on what would be an economically efficient use of resoruces.

The expert group is led by Professor Mari Rege, and the group wil deliver their recommendations during autumn 2023. For more information about the mandate of the expert group, the group’s work and previous relevant reports on the matter, see the tabs above on this website.

The expert group emphasises the importance of an open working process. Stakeholders and others are encouraged to send in their policy proposals and other comments on the issue through the website. This can be done by clicking on the tab above called «innspill».